Argia URRUTXI BIZKARRA - Traductrice professionnelle freelance

I am from the Basque Country, where I earned degrees in Trilingual Secretary at the University of Deusto (2000) and International Trade at the University of Mondragón (2002). After more than 8 years of work in a large distribution cooperative in the fields of commerce, transport and import, I decided to reorient my professional career.

I moved to France and I went back to college with the objective of becoming a translator. I completed a Masters in Translation at the University of Paris VIII and I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2013, with direct clients and various translation agencies in Spain, France and abroad. I translate from English and French into Spanish and Basque. I also offer liaison interpreting services (Spanish <> French), audio transcription and language courses in Spanish.

My professional experience, fields of interest and training have led me to specialize in the fields of law, commerce and tourism, gastronomy and oenology, as well as in marketing and communication.

I am a member of the Frech Society of Translations and I apply and respect the Ethical Code that governs our profession.

I place great importance on continued training. For this reason, I regularly participate in courses or training on translation or on my specialization subjects.

My strong guarantees to the client are the following:

Quality in translation and in writing: maximum quality in respect of the SFT’s Ethical Code.

Confidenciality: the translation of your documents in complete confidence.

Responsiveness and open communication: responsiveness delivering pricing and in the exchanges with the client.

Respect of deadlines: delivery of your documents on time as agreed.

If you need more information, you can click on my SFT and LinkedIn profiles below.