Specialized translation and proofreading

Translation of Frech and English written documents into Spanish and Basque, my native languages.

Legal translation

Public, private and international law.

  • Judgments, procedural documents, legal texts, legal articles, legal notices, submissions and arbitral sentences, contentious
  • Contracts, regulations and corporate policies, company law, shareholders’ agreements, articles of incorporation, distribution contracts, pharmaceutical contracts, supply contracts, service contracts, documents relating to labor law and competition law
  • Employment contracts, transfer of workers, distribution and exclusivity contracts
  • Intellectual and industrial property, copyrights, patents and brands
  • General conditions of insurance coverage
  • Foundations, international foundations, etc.

Commercial translation

Documents related to commerce, transport and logistics fields.

  • Directives, regulations
  • Annual reports, expert reports, correspondence
  • Incident reports (insurance companies or businesses)
  • Transport documents
  • Newsletters
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Job descriptions
  • Documents on the protection of general data (GDPR)
  • Company internal communication documents: conduct manuals on health crisis and teleworking, ethical codes, etc.

Technique translation

In the fields of robotics, foundy, automotive, food, distribution, plastics and thermoplastics, health, services, transport and warehousing, commerce, etc.

  • Instructions, user manuals, industrial production process, technical sheets, patents
  • Prevention, health and safety guides
  • Mobile app, etc.

Tourism translation

  • Tourist guides, promotional catalogs
  • Tourist services websites, Tourist offices, blogs
  • Audio guides
  • Tourism promotional videos
  • Sites d’établissements, etc.

Gastronomy and wine translation

  • Restaurant menus
  • Texts on oenology, labels
  • Brochures, advertising and pedagogical documents
  • Product sheets, etc.

Other fields

  • Marketing and communication
  • Games and instructions for board games
  • Press and institutional communication